Long Room

The Long Room comfortably seats up to 100 guests in banquet or theatre style. Up to 150 can be accommodated if guests are standing for a cocktail party or finger buffet. The Long Room has the Club bar and direct access to the balcony.

Members Room

The Members Room is accessed from the Fairbairn Room, it is an intimate space for dinner parties of up to 20, but can also be used as part of a larger event or hired separately.

Fairbairn Room

The Fairbairn Room is the perfect spot for guests to enjoy welcome reception drinks and canapés. From this room you can move to the adjoining rooms, bar and 20 metre long balcony where you have panoramic views of the Thames.

Frequently asked questions


Can we come in to decorate the venue?

You will be able to set up either the day before or organise with our staff to set up the morning of your event.


Are there limits to decorating?

Yes, as long as nothing touches the boat on the ceiling or the hanging lights in the Long Room.


Can we have candles?

Yes, however they need to be in a holder/ lantern, and no candles are to go on the fire place.


Can we have confetti?

As long as it is outside and biodegradable, as we are next to the river.


Can we have a band and what time can they play to?

Yes, they can play until 11pm and our in-house DJ can play until Midnight.


Is there a minimum spend at the bar?



Can we use the balcony?

Yes, you can use the balcony until 11pm.


Is there heating on the balcony?

No, you can hire heaters though if you wish.


Can guests smoke?

Yes, on the balcony.


Do you have parking?

We have enough parking for our suppliers on the day. There is meter parking on the streets around the club, most times are from 10am-5pm, other restrictions may apply.